what i provide


Software Development

PHP / JAVA / C & C++ / Python / JS I design and develop web as well as other types of applications. I preferably PHP and Java, but I know C/C++, Python and JavaScript, too. When designing software architectures, I have a strong focus on modularity, performance and utilizing design patterns.

Project Management

Scrum / Agile / DevOps When supervising software projects, I consider agile development using ticket-based systems like Scrum and methods like continuous integration as the key for building and delivering an awesome product.


HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript For web based projects I like coding PHP/MySQL/MariaDB, CSS and jQuery as well as other Javascript libraries to get most of the user experience. I prefer using responsive web design.

Database Administration

Do you need a DBA, architect or database developer for a Project? Monitoring of your Oracle, MySQL and MariaDB databases Performance analysis, manage parameters and develop strategies for database optimization